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  1. High Quality MATURE Galleries ONLY!!!
    Minimum 4 movies (maximum 15) or 15 Pics!
    fast loading server, no consoles, no redirects, no blind links
    no blind thumbs, no picture style banners which lead to other than the fullsize pic!
    no text in the pics, no to small pics, no scripts for automatic bookmarking,
    no frames,...
    i think you know what a high quality gallery is!

  2. You may post up to 2 galleries per day!

  3. Don`t post the same pics or movies twice within at least 2 months!
    Post only movies and pics where you have the copyright or weblicense for it!

  4. A GOOD and TRUE description of your GALLERY (NOT your site!) is very important
    If you use a missleading or wrong description or category, your gallery will be removed.

  5. Don`t change or remove your gallery! If we found a redirect we will blacklist you.

  6. You have to place a link to us at your submited GALLERY-SITE!
    before you submit the Gallery, together with some other high traffic tgps!
    If you put our recip together with low traffic or dead tgps the chance that we delete the gallery / or blacklist you is high.

  7. NO FREEHOSTS!!!! - We Blacklist all Domains wich redirect forreign traffic, or
    show different ads to different language visitors. We check this in different languages.

  8. No promotion for dialer programs,
    if we find promotion of a dialer we blacklist the full domain!

  9. No Java, JavaScript, Embedded ActiveX, PHP, CGI,XML,
    or other scriptlike languages. Only Pure HTML!!!

  10. No Auto Submissions!
  11. We take no responsibility for the content of each site.
  12. Sites containing illegal material (such as CP) will not be accepted and reported.
  13. We reserve the right to remove any site without written notice, for any reason whatever.
  14. Failure to meet any of the above listed terms will result cancellation until such time as
    the terms are met to our satisfaction.

YOU HAVE TO AGREE with this rules, terms and conditions, otherwise you have to leave this form! Please make sure, that you have placed the link at your page BEFORE submitting this form!

Reasons for getting blacklisted:

If You have a question about the rules email us at

By submitting your gallery, you declare that you own the copyrights of the images on your gallery and/or that you are licensed to use and display them. Catched copyright violaters will be reported.

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